How to keep seagulls of a boat or dock

Seagulls, as their name specifies are the sea birds. They are mostly found around the sea, river, and lake or on the beach. They feed themselves by eating sea animals so they have to prey at seas or rivers for their livings. Preying on the seas or rivers or the beaches, the seagulls become the trouble creators for the people who have come there for boating or to enjoy on the beach. Seagulls are known to be very clever and intelligent birds so they would not leave you so easily, rather they can attack you if you try to get rid of them. So, proper methods to keep them away from your boat or dock should be considered.

In order to get rid of seagulls killing them would be cruel and it is also illegal in the eye of law of almost all states. So, in this case the other method that could be followed would be to scare the seagulls away. It could be possible in many different ways such as:

Fake Falcons or Hawks:

Seagulls are afraid of Falcons and hawks, so they would avoid heading towards the area with the presence of these two. Putting the decoy of hawks or falcons on your boats or the docks might help you keep the seagulls away from it. But one thing not to forget that these seagulls are so intelligent, after some days of being betrayed they would probably find out the truth.

Keeping a cat or sheepdog:

Cats or Sheepdogs would give a tough competition to the seagulls as they are afraid of them. Keeping them on the dock will hinder the seagulls to approach towards it. Keeping a cat or sheepdog is proved to be more effective as compared to the decoys.

Installing pennants:

Pennants come in different colors, sizes and sometimes styles also. Hanging the big colorful pennants on the dock and the boat would help you get rid of the seagulls to be the reason for trouble for you as those pennants when flapping in the air would frighten the seagulls and the shadow of those pennants would also scare them.

Installing blinking lights:

Blinking lights, also known as strobe lights are installed in the sea under the uppermost surface of the water. When these lights are switched on they produce reflection in the water that scare the seagulls away.

Several repellents such as repellent sprays, chemicals or other chemicals are also proved to be effective in keeping the seagulls away from your boat or dock. Few of the repellents with top results in getting rid of seagulls may be listed as:

  • Gulls away, etc.
  • Seagull B-Bone spider web device.
  • Scaregull Sweep.
  • Avian control repellent.


Seagulls can destroy your fresh and happy mood while on the boat or the beach. They can irritate you with their presence or with their feces everywhere. Several above mentioned methods could be effective to keep them away if followed properly.

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