Rat Urine - Toxicity and How to Clean the Odor

Rats are omnivorous rodents that are sleek, robust, and agile with thin tails. Rats are commonly spread all over the world due to their adaptable habitat. Their adjustable nature really helps them to live and thrive literally anywhere and everywhere. They are found on land, trees, and even in water. That�s why you have mostly seen them coming from sewerage pipes and holes. 

Rats being rodents, there is one persistent thing with them, which is more like an annoying issue, and that is their habit of constantly peeing on everything. Before anything else, you need to know whether rat urine is toxic or not? In the first place, it is foul-smelling and malodorous. It�s disgusting smell would probably be unbearable for every human being. Secondly, rat urine, assuredly, and patently, is very toxic and can be extremely hazardous sometimes.

In certain circumstances, rat urine can develop fatal diseases like Hantavirus and Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome. These two are airborne diseases that spread after the rat droppings, feces, and urine are dried and mixed up with dust particles. It results in contaminating the environment, and when human beings inhale that particular polluted air, they tend to develop this disease. The reason due to which rats� droppings are easily mixed with air is that it easily crumbles after drying up. 

Now the questions arise, how to make oneself safe from this toxic disease? What precautions should be adopted? What techniques should be employed? How to tackle the situation if the condition gets worse? 

There are various methods mentioned below to get yourself out of this situation;

Be careful

Ahead of everything else, make certain to secure and protect yourself by wearing gloves, masks, protective overall, and close shoes. But bear in mind to wash and sanitize these after you are done with your mission. The best practice is to use disposable gloves, masks, and overall. So that you don�t have to take the virus, if any, along with you inside your house. 

Clean up

First of all, you need to clean up that particular area by washing it with hot water and detergent. Thorough cleaning will make further steps easy for you to employ.


Next, let that area dry by turning on all the fans and opening the windows. By maintaining proper ventilation, you can easily remove urine odor from the air.

Home remedies

After that, you need to use these natural ingredients to deal with unpleasant smell:

  • Coffee Grinds
  • Raw Onion
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Charcoal

You need to put any of these ingredients, based on availability, in a bowl to that contaminated area. That�s all! But don�t forget to replace it with a new batch every 2-3 days as these natural ingredients tend to lose their effectiveness and smell with the passage of time.


You can also use bleach liquid to pour over that specific polluted area. This is a powerful alternative to natural ingredients and works more efficiently and effectively. 

Disinfectant sprays

Last but not least, try using disinfectant sprays. Now, if you are lazy enough to use any natural ingredients, you can easily get ready made disinfectant sprays from the market. They come in different scents, so you can easily choose from them according to your liking.

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